Sunday, October 9, 2011

Making That Transition from Summer to Fall

The hardest time of the year is probably Fall. It also is the greatest time for fashion because there are many layering options and expands on your closest better than any other season. It gives you a chance to wear that sweater you bought but never wore yet. The only difficult part about is that the weather is changing so much nowadays that you might wake up in the morning in the 40s but during the day it hits the 70s and  goes right back down. Yesterday, I was able to help one of our favorite blogs, Gabby from GSpot.Own.It (our sister blog), take some pictures since it was a really nice day out. I decided to take a couple pictures too.

Check out some of the pictures:

Great thing about these Ray Bans is that it will always be necessary in every season.
The great thing about the outfit I had on was that it was just perfect for that transitional period. The long sleeved rugby polo is very clutch in this weather because it is not too heavy but still can get the job done if it were to get a little brisk out. 

LL Bean Chukka Boots are perfect fall items. One of my favorite bags!

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